Luton Town Football Club: Power Court or Junction 10 ?

Luton Borough Council have issued a statement.

Following the publication of a story in Luton Today we are issuing the following statement:

‘The Council wants to see a successful, sustainable Luton Town Football Club that helps promote the many positive aspects of the town, and a move to a new stadium is a long held aspiration for the club, supporters, the Council and the town. We have been very interested to learn more recently of the football club’s ambitions for the future, which have the potential to deliver wider benefits for the town.

‘While there are many synergies between the football club’s proposals for a new stadium and the Council’s vision for Luton, and the Council welcomes the support of Luton Town FC in its forthcoming Investment Framework launch, we are not yet in receipt of sufficient detail for site proposals that could justify any further delay to approval of the Local Plan 2011-31 which is due to be considered by Full Council on 22 March. To materially amend it further at this stage would require another full and lengthy public consultation and present unreasonable risk.

‘It should be noted that agreement of the Local Plan in its current format would not prevent or prejudice Luton Town FC in bringing forward any subsequent planning application.’​


 Gary Sweet and Sian Timoney (deputy leader of Luton Borough Council) on Power Court.


"We need the council to fully support and approve plans for the proposed new Stadium for Luton Town Football club at Power Court. Not only will it help regenerate a deprived part of our Town centre but it will also help our beloved club compete at a higher level once again." To sign the petition go to: