No More Monday Collections - Bin Collection Days Are Changing In Luton

Household waste and recycling bin collection days will be changing for many households in Luton from Monday 2 May.

Bank Holiday Mondays are being blamed for disruption to services, so Luton Borough Council aims to eliminate ALL Monday collections.

The move is also set to save the authority more than £200,000 each year through a 15% reduction in fuel costs, with 26 refuse vehicles being taken off the streets for one day each week.

Glass box collections are changing,  too. Glass will be collected every four weeks starting in May.

Glass can still be disposed of at the two Household Waste Recycling Centres in Eaton Green Road and Progress Way, or one of the glass banks located around the town.

The Council is encouraging people to limit the amount of waste produced and to recycle more.  By reducing  the amount of waste sent to landfill, it costs less for the Council, and therefore saves council tax money.

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