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High Town MasterPlan

Consultation on the proposed closure of access points from Elgar Path to Musson Path

The soLUTiONs Community Safety Partnership have been running a number of projects in the High Town area to address community and partner concerns around anti-social behaviour. The next stage of the work involves the partnership applying for permission for a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) along Musson Path. If the application for a PSPO is successful, this will restrict access between Musson Path and Elgar Path at all time to reduce anti-social behaviour.

Consultation on the High Town Master Plan starts Friday 15 April 2016 and closes Friday 27 May 2016.

The Luton Local Plan (2011-31) identifies High Town as one of eight Strategic Allocations where the bulk of investment and development is likely to be concentrated over the next 15 years. DOWNLOAD PDF

The vision for the area is mapped out in the Local Plan policy which sets out “to create a sustainable vibrant, historic neighbourhood destination delivered through residential-led mixed use development whilst protecting the historical environment and assets including small scale offices / workshops, live work units and increased retail provision which will enhance the area including increased footfall, better pedestrian access and permeability, more public open space and an enhanced natural environment.”

The local plan anticipates that High Town has the potential to deliver the highest concentration of new housing (750 units) in the town, building on the strengths of the area including the historic Conservation Area concentrated on High Town Road on the one hand and its strategic location adjacent to Luton's main line connection to London and proximity to the town centre on the other.

The High Town Masterplan sets out a comprehensive approach to delivering investment and regeneration to this important and historic part of the town. There has already been extensive consultation with the local community in putting the Masterplan together.

The Masterplan has been brought forward within and builds upon the existing and current planning framework, specifically the High Town SPD (2007) including the East Village Design Codes (2009), the existing Local Plan 2001-2011 and the emerging Local Plan (2011-2031). The High Town Masterplan takes forward existing and emerging policy, providing guidance and evidence to support and assist in the delivery of the development plan.