Salvation Army Debt Service Wants To Help You

Salvation Army Debt Service

At Luton Salvation Army we really really want to help people to get out of debt. We run a 100% Free and 100% Confidential Debt service. We have a dedicated team of 10 people who are there to help you. Its purpose is to work with people in getting them out of debt.

So if you are in debt in any way and are struggling then come and talk to us. We will write to the people you owe money to. We will work on your behalf to try and get the amount you pay reduced to an amount far more manageable.

And it is FREE - 100% Free.

We just want to help you.

Please don't suffer alone, please come and talk to us.

The Debt service team are on hand every Thursday from 11am till 1pm and you can just drop in (no appointment needed) or you can call the confidential Debt Hot line on 01582 343699 and leave your details.

or you could email the Debt team on