New Lidl Store Coming On in Francis Street

This new picture taken today shows the Lidl store in Francis Street, Luton, undergoing construction.

In 2015, Lidl decided  to knock down and rebuild its existing store on the same site.  

The old store had a sales space of 1,200 square metres, but the new one will have 1,424 square metres with another 1,000 square meters of non-sales space, as well as 1st floor welfare facilities.

Parking spaces on the site will only be marginally reduced, down from 121 to 111, plus 4 disability spaces (same as before) and 9 cycle spaces (same as before). 

The old pedestrian access to Gas Works Path will be closed up, necessitating customers to use the pedestrian route via Francis Street. This may be seen as an inconvenience to customers who might want to walk to Sainsburys for products the discount store does not stock. A new trucks-only entrance is to be made in Gas Works Path.

Lidl is well established in the UK with the Company operating in excess of 600 stores from sites and premises both within and outside town centres. The UK business model is based firmly on the success of Lidl’s operations abroad with approximately 9,000 stores trading across Europe. About 80% of its products are own brands.

The company were given planning permission for a new store in Dunstable in June this year, and have a further local store at Marsh Road, Luton.