An Editor is Sought for Luton News Desk

Editor, Luton News Desk


The title was launched as a Facebook Page and blog in March 2016, as an associate Page to Houghton Regis News Desk.
The Facebook Page grows weekly, and organically, from no followers to 915 follows in Jan 2018.

Editorial Policy

News Desk provides factual information specifically for people resident in Luton. News Desk is not a sweary place, it is a family friendly place. Anyone who does write swear words will find that the Facebook Page has automatically limited the sight of their post to themselves and their friends.
News Desk is not a buy and sell page, or a site to promote commercial business.

The Editor(s) 

Ideally the editor(s) will

  • have a sound command of the English language, and spell check all items before publication. 
  • research news sources such as local web sites, and attend events to find newsworthy items, verifying the information as far as possible.
  • post short, pithy items to Facebook written in a factual way, and post longer more researched items to the News Blog.
  • at all times avoid libel.
  • encourage political balance: posts should aim to encourage comment from a wide spectrum of the community.
  • encourage inclusivity: posts should aim to promote activities of all members of the community, regardless of race, religion, ability, or sexual orientation.
  • take photographs and be able to include pictures with posted items: posts with relevant pictures or photos tend to engage people longer.
  • not use 'Luton News Desk' for personal opinion. The editor is expected only to comment using their own name while on Facebook if they want to make any personal comment on a news item.
  • show a willingness to attend such things as local council meetings and town events from time to time, and work up a report on what has occurred.
  • recognise that two to three hours a day may be required to be spent on research and writing.

Is this a paid job?


News Sources

The alert editor will be aware of a wide variety of local news sources. Councils and organisations will provide copy for press releases, but the editor will often need to check the soundness of the written press release and explore options for adding to the story, or reducing the copy if it is 'too much to read'. The editor will visit web sites on a regular basis to access news files. The editor will be expected to create a succinct article, checking  spelling, cutting out repetitive statements, reducing waffle, before creating a complete article that could be published on Luton News Desk blog. Publications on the blog are automatically sent to the Facebook Page.


Often, a short piece of news, with a link to a website that provides the rest of the information for the reader to make their own mind up, is all that is required. This does mean that for each post, the editor has to spend several minutes reading up each item to sense check the item.

How to Apply

Please fill in the contact form.

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