Red Routes Plan To Stop Inconsiderate Town Centre Parking

Luton Borough Council is currently asking people to support their plans for red routes around Luton town centre. The council cites "illegal and inconsiderate parking causing significant delays to traffic flow" as the main reason for wanting the scheme. Double red lines mean no stopping or parking at any time. Single red lines mean no stopping or parking during the time shown on the sign. Stopping and parking is permitted outside of these times.

Three routes are being considered:

  1. The town centre (within the area bounded by New Bedford Road, Telford Way, Dunstable Road and Wellington Street)
  2. Windmill Road, Kimpton Road and Airport Way
  3. Marsh Road, Leagrave Road and Dunstable Road

The proposed measures for the town centre are outlined on their website for you to comment on, raise concerns and give ideas. Your responses will be considered by the council’s Executive.

Red routes are most commonly identified by single or double red lines which clearly show when no stopping restrictions are in place. They also have boxes painted on the road to show where vehicles may legally park and load.

Loading is allowed on a single red line before 7am and after 7pm. Loading is permitted in designated loading bays between 10am – 4pm.

Blue badge holders correctly displaying their badges will be able to pick up or set down but will only be able to park in clearly designated spaces along the route.

By introducing these measures the Council hopes to "improve the movement of traffic, ease congestion, make the routes safer for all users, provide better provision for legal parking and loading to benefit residents and businesses along these routes".

The Council claim that "Reduced congestion will mean better air quality, reduced traffic noise and lower fuel consumption. It will be safer with parking made more difficult for those trying to illegally park. The changes aim to increase the reliability of public transport and enhance road safety for everyone."

Each red route will have a single or double red line. It will have its own restrictions and will be clearly signed. You will need to read the signs for when the restrictions are in force.

View the proposed restrictions here.

Luton Borough Council are holding consultation events in Luton:
Wednesday 30 May, 1pm – 5pm, The Mall LU1 2LJ
Saturday 2 June, 10am – 2pm, Bury Park Community Centre, Dunstable Road LU1 1BW
Tuesday 5 June, 4pm – 8pm, Denbigh High School, Alexandra Avenue LU3 1HE

Have your say on Luton Borough Council plans to trial a network of red routes in Luton Town Centre (within the area bounded by New Bedford Road, Telford Way, Dunstable Road and Wellington Street). Visit their website now.