Imagine Luton - A Weekend of Extravagant Fun ! - Photos

This weekend's Imagine Luton had circus concepts and themes galore. Running over two days the events, some static, some appearing randomly amongst the crowds, brought a real summer feel to lift Luton's residents from the same-old same-old things.It was an amazing treat that even included a free 70 minute Circus Show in a Big Top in St Georges Square.

Below we feature some of the things seen ...

That Parking Show — Tangled feet put on a show about people getting angry about parking spaces. Bonnets popped, roofs peeled open and cars became unhinged! 

Small Talk — In this intriguing 2 sided booth members of the public got to interact with another person on another real telephone, making real conversation. Anyone who longs for the nostalgia of talking to real people instead of texting or writing Facebook messages, will understand where this exhibit was coming from. The idea was to encourage communication, fresh perspectives, and open minds. GayleStorey

Bees! Wandering among the honey perfumed Bee Colony, each bee hive hid a unique and surprising miniature world.

Strong Lady — this genuine strong lady, Betty Brown, presented an elegant array of feats of strength, breaking things, lifting men overhead so easily, and raised these two men into the bargain!

Automatarium — If you had a penny for the slot any of these three human automatons was your for the entertaining. A circus strong man, a silly clown that ate flowers, or a gypsy fortune teller. 

The Band - Sandy & Bruno met in the 1970s. She was fame hungry, he was doomed to follow her. This was a quirky humorous display of desperate ambition and blind affection told through awe-inspiring dance, theatre and circus.

Block — Some 20 oversized blocks, moved around to resemble an infinite variety of shapes that the performers played on, moved around on, and explored. A fusion of dance and circus that used daring physical manoeuvres, and split second timing.

Da Native — gathered together nomads from the sacred sanctuaries across the globe. Their dance evoked the nomadic lifestyle of tribes - a visual reminder of ancestry, heritage and culture.



Photos; ©A D Winter 2018