Visit Stockwood Park

Stockwood Park visitor centre in Luton features a local history museum, a picnic area, a playground, a cafe, assorted outdoor events. Often a short term display. Young children enjoy running around the hedgerows, pathways, and playgrounds.

A herb garden makes for a nice stroll around on a sunny day.

In the greenhouses you'll find cacti, lemon and orange trees.

Free admission for group bookings see LINK

The Mossman Collection features a unique array of old time vehicles.
George Mossman of Caddington, near Luton, collected, drove, restored and constructed horse-drawn vehicles for over fifty years.

On leaving school, his love of horses led him to work in Panter's butcher shop in Park Street, St Albans. This enabled him to work with horse-drawn vans, which delivered meat to customers. It also left him with a lifelong interest in horse-drawn transport, which he pursued in parallel with his farming and other business activities. His collection of vehicles was donated to the museum in 1991. Many were used in television productions and films including Ben Hur and Carry on Dick. The Mossman carriage collection is the largest collection of its kind on display in the UK. More information.

In The Discovery Centre at Stockwood are many fascinating objects, some form Luton, some from neighbouring parishes. here are some from Houghton Regis Heritage

Iron Dagger and Awls from Maiden Bower on display at Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton

Two applied brooches from a female burial on Puddlehill on display at Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton

Bone fragments from Puddlehill on display at Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton

Excavations by the Manshead Archaeological Society under Les Matthews, archaeologists uncovered a number of Roman buildings before quarrying on Puddlehill. The site dates from 50-200 AD. on display at Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton

Puddlehill in Houghton Regis was the location of an Anglo-Saxon farmstead. Evidence for four buildings and a burial ground has been found there. All the buildings were timber-framed with sunken floors and possibly turf roofs. Some were used as houses, others as workshops. Finds on display, at Stockwood Discovery Centre in Luton, include pottery, animal bone, worked and burnt flint, knives and bone needles. 

Glass bead necklaces from Puddlehill, Houghton Regis.
 On display at Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton

Oxhead - grave ornament from Houghton Regis on display at Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton.

Wooden stakes from a Roman building at Bidwell. Excavation revealed wooden posts which had survived due to waterlogging. They were probably used to create a solid foundation for a building on wet ground.

Lockup. Described locally as "the cage", The Houghton Regis lock-up was situated at the end of the cottages known as Workhouse Row, in front of All Saints church, facing today's Bedford Square. Local police used the lock-up to hold offenders before taking them before a magistrate or to the police station in Luton or Bedford. Some prisoners escaped through the roof at night. Lock-ups were phased out in the late 1800s with the introduction of purpose built police stations. On display at Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton