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Wind up Your Car Window (And other tips to help stop vehicle crime)

We will do all we can to help prevent vehicle crime, and the tips below can help deter potential offenders and keep your vehicle secure.

Ensure all doors, windows and sunroofs are closed and locked when leaving your vehicle unattended. Don’t simply rely on your key fob, as some thieves use ‘jammers’ to intercept the signal between the fob and the car, leaving the vehicle unlocked and vulnerable to theft.

Don’t leave your keys lying around or visible on a windowsill at home or near a front door, where they could be hooked through the letterbox

Never leave valuables in your vehicle and keep any other possessions out of sight. Remove your sat nav and its holder and wipe away any window suction marks as these could indicate a sat nav is stored in your vehicle

If you use a vehicle for maintenance purposes, it is advisable not to leave tools or other working materials in a vehicle unoccupied or overnight, as works vehicles such as vans are commonly targeted by criminals

Never leave vehicle…

Repeat Waste Offender Fined £2846 in Fines and Costs

A repeat waste offender was sentenced at Luton Magistrates Court on Tuesday, after a member of the public found waste with his name on it dumped in Millfield Lane, Caddington.

This was the second prosecution by Central Bedfordshire Council against Mr Corey Ashleigh-John (also known as Korey Ashleigh), of Tinsley Close, Luton, who was found guilty in March 2018 of three waste offences relating to two littering offences, for which he received a total of £2,846 in fines and costs.

Then just weeks after he received the fine, a local resident was walking along Millfield Lane in Caddington when they saw several items of waste dumped on the ground with his name on it. The resident examined and photographed the waste and then reported it to the council.

When Mr Ashleigh-John attended court this week (Tuesday 28 August) he pleaded guilty to failing to respond to information requested by the council (Section 110 Environment Act 1995). The court ordered him to pay a fine of £120, pay a contribu…

£3.5 Billion Funding Gap In Adult Social Care

Residents and community groups are invited to take part in a major national consultation by the Local Government Association into how to pay for adult social care and support for older people, working-age adults with mental or physical disabilities and unpaid carers.

The LGA estimates that adult social care services face an annual funding gap of £3.5 billion by 2025.

Years of significant underfunding of councils, alongside rising demand and costs for care and support, has pushed adult social care services to breaking point. More and more people are unable to receive good, reliable care, such as help with getting washed and dressed, and funding is increasingly having to be diverted from other vital council services, such as parks, leisure centres and libraries, to plug growing adult social care funding gaps.

The LGA’s eight-week consultation is open to all members of the public – regardless of whether they are directly affected by or receive adult social care and support – and communi…

Police Urge Vigilance in Summer Home Security

Residents are being urged by Bedfordshire Police to remain vigilant with regards to home security, to ensure that prized belongings stay safe.

The majority of burglaries are opportunistic, and a property that presents itself as insecure is far more likely to be targeted than one which is properly secured.

It is important to take steps not to leave ground floor windows or doors open or unlocked unless someone is in that room. It only takes a second for a thief to enter a home and take things, often without being noticed.

The force has a wide range of advice on its website, and top tips for keeping homes secure over the summer include:

Always close and lock windows and doors when leaving the property – even a small open window could entice a burglar.
If in the garden, make sure the windows and doors at the front of the property are secure.
Do not leave valuables on display through windows.
Any car or house keys should be out of sight and some distance from a window or door.
Ensure that…

Nominate Your Good Neighbour For An Award

Neighbourhood Watch and their Co-op Insurance sponsors has just launched a nationwide search to find and celebrate some of the best and most considerate neighbours of 2018!

You are urged to nominate the most deserving good neighbours and there is also an opportunity to put forward your ‘Hero Next Door’ for a true act of heroism.

Neighbourhood Watch and Co-op Insurance are working together on these exciting awards and anyone can nominate their good neighbours today!

So, is there is a local hero in the street or community whose acts of kindness and neighbourliness really sets them apart?

David Huse, OBE, Chair of the Neighbourhood Watch Network (NWN), says: “Everyone should feel safe in their community and having strong, welcoming and active neighbours who look out for each other means anti-social behaviour and crime are less likely to happen. Getting to know your neighbours has huge benefits for everyone – and with this award we want to recognise the people who are making such a vital…

M1-A6 Link Road Extra Date 21st August

Central Bedfordshire Council is to hold another public drop-in event to share its early plans for a proposed M1-A6 Link Road.

The additional event will be held on Tuesday 21st August, from 14.00 - 19.00hrs at St Margaret's Parish Centre, Lucas Gardens, Bramingham, Luton, LU3 4BG.

Councillor Nigel Young, Executive Member for Regeneration, said: “We’ve been delighted with how popular our events in July were. So, we’ve decided to add another session to get additional feedback.”

The new strategic link road would run from the A6 Barton Road to junction 11a of the M1 motorway, joining up to the A5-M1 Link Road, to provide a strategically important east-west link.

The proposed new road would be 2.75 miles (4.4km) long and could create part of a northern bypass for Luton. The preferred layout would have a 50mph speed limit and be a mixture of single and dual carriageway, with junctions to a new Rail Freight Interchange at Sundon and proposed new housing development.

The existing A6 road h…
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