Meet “The British Mauritian” Cooking Up New Recipes During COVD-19 Lockdown

Venesa Coodien, “The British Mauritian”, has been extra busy during the Covid-19 lockdown. Not only has she finished and published a fabulous new recipe book under lockdown, but also put together a smart new website complete with her own photographs and video.

Venesa, says, “I always wanted to put a book together but never really had the time. Being in lockdown gave me that opportunity. All my friends and family love my food and I thought I would share my love and passions for my food with the rest of the world as well.”

Sneak preview of one of Venesa's recipes (more on her website)

Venesa was raised in Luton during the eighties and has always loved to eat and cook, making her first omelette at around the age of 7. At age 12 she moved to Mauritius with her parents for 18 months. It was an unforgettable experience that undoubtedly influenced her future style of cooking.

“There was always good food around and Mauritius is probably where my food journey really started. At the market, my Dad would get me hot fresh baked bread rolls for my lunch. Mum would have already provided a filling of some kind, a tuna salad with fresh chillies, corn mutton salad or even leftover curry or just something delicious. With lunch money I was able to buy the best noodles or fried rice at the school 'Tuck Shop' -  a bit different to the sausage and mash I was used to back in the UK!”

“When we came back, I had to adapt again to the British way of doing meals, but I embraced my Mauritian and British culture and have shared it with so many people... the food of Mauritius and my twist and take on the cuisine.

“I've now created my first book to share my love of food with the world. The British Mauritian is now on Amazon. Both Hardcover and Kindle versions are available. And I've already started work on book 2!”

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